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The separation of natural Rare Earth Mixtures into individual elements is very difficult to achieve due to the similarity of their chemical and physical properties.  This has frustrated the efforts of those who have attempted the economic recovery of rare earth metals from various ores with a threshold of less than 4-5% rare earth oxides, which thus far has been the common level of ore purity reported with the exception of the Mongolian and Mountain Pass Californian deposits or rare earths.

NSU has created a proprietary methodology for the extraction of rare earths based on the anticipation profile of rare earths from its Nova Scotia properties.  This process will be the object of international protection through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) ( which will provide us protection for 36 months in the 103 countries members of the PCT.  Following that, the company will enter into the national phase of patent protection in Canada, the United States, European Union and other countries as we see the need to protect our interest.  This intellectual property offers significant business advantages to the company. 

In the short term, we will continue our research efforts with our internal team and university scientists to continue developing this process for the purpose of reducing the extraction costs of rare earth metals.  In the midterm we will offer purification services and/or license our technology for the purpose of generating revenues from other industry stakeholders.  In the long term we will use our technology to extract our own resources based on positive exploration results.