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NSU Resources was originally created to support the renewable energy industry by providing carbon solutions. However, with a double recession affecting the carbon market our carbon clients demand cost-effective solutions to their supply chain.  The REE industry offered an excellent opportunity to our in-house analytical expertise.  With a focus and business model change to the REE industry, BICS sought it necessaty to change its name to NSU Resources, Inc and pursue the development of proven NI 43-101 compliant ore inventories from high quality properties with potential for providing topside ore of good quality.

NSU has now positioned itself to become a world leader in the industry by addressing the global needs for REE supply security.   Because REEs are sold B2B, it is critical to establish working relationships with end users, more particularly the renewable energy sector.  This will permit NSU to develop markets for products based on an order book to support mine and refining development initiatives.  The company has developed an aggressive campaign to secure grants and subsidies from governments to enhance its business.

Companies with Rare Earth Elements (REE) are re-emerging as a strategic investment opportunity to investors.  A first wave, starting in early 2010 when China began rationing its export of REE led to the emergence of junior minors in the REE industry. The next wave of opportunity in the REEs industry is predicated on companies being able to process mineral deposits through leading edge extraction technologies, because the purification of REEs requires the development of extraction technologies.   As such, REEs companies now have to straddle mineral exploitation and R & D.   NSU has assembled a world class team that will be able to deliver to investors. 


NSU Resources, Inc. will be pursuing Canadian- and world based properties and plans to expand at a rapid but sustainable rate to create greater shareholder value, thus gaining a competitive edge by following key guidelines outlined below:
  • Develop proven NI 43-101 compliant ore inventories from high quality properties with potential for providing topside ore of good quality, have access to cost-effective energy source, and easy access to qualified labor;
  • Develop working relationships with government officials and First Nation communities surrounding our projects to secure stakeholder buy-in and permit the fast-tracking of environmental permits for ore extraction; 
  • Develop B2B relationships with users of REE metals through the Company’s extensive contacts in the renewable energy industry; 
  • Develop and/or secure tenure on novel cost-effective and environmentally friendly methodologies for the extraction and purification of REEs;
  • Apply the company’s  technologies to ore extracted from other mining complexes;
  • Use cashflow from the sales of products to further develop the company’s own mining projects; 
  • Take advantage of grants and subsidies for technology development and job creation opportunities
    • Flow Through Shares for Exploration
    • SR & ED tax credits to develop refining process; 
  • Create carbon neutral solutions to the mining and renewable energy supply chain.