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NSU Resources, Inc. (OTCQB:NOST) have commenced exploration and development on 2 projects, in Nova Scotia , Canada, The projects are strategically located adjacent to each other. They are Shatter Lake and Byers Brook and encompass over 4,000 acres. The sites are located in the Cobequid Mountains. The area is 40 minutes northwest of Truro, Nova Scotia and is strategically located in close proximity to major infrastructure; 4 lane Trans Canada Highway, Railways, and 3 deep water ports. NSU has been impressed with the support of both residents, loans Canada and government alike, in their efforts. more...

NSU Resources, Inc. (OTCQB:NOST) is a Canadian headquartered technology and resource Company with a primary focus on the development potential of rare earth metals in properties located in Canada.  Rare Earth Metals are experiencing rapidly increasing demand for use in green technologies from consumer electronics to electric and hybrid vehicles to power storage for alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.  In addition to its resource and mining potential, NSU also has a revolutionary system for the extraction of rare earth metals from ore. more...

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